What is covered on a boatowners insurance policy?

Some water policies are package policies providing all the coverages you need while others build your coverages on the policy. Be sure your policy includes:

Watercraft Physical Damage, also known as hull coverage for any damage incurred through a collision or comprehensive loss. Your trailer should be included where applicable. The most complete coverage is "all risk" coverage for your boat while it is afloat, stored ashore or in transit by trailer or truck.

Watercraft Liability for bodily injury property damage, fuel spill, wreck removal, and claim or lawsuit defense expenses, including appeal bond.

Watercraft Medical Payments for medical expenses regardless of who is at fault for anyone injured while in, boarding or alighting from insured watercraft.

Uninsured Boaters Coverage to protect you and your passengers for bodily injury only as a result of an accident with a legally libel uninsured owner or operator of a watercraft.

Personal Effects Coverage for apparel sports equipment, and other personal property of yours, your family and your guests.

Towing and Assistance Coverage when trailer or boat is disabled in or out of the water.

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